Site reliability engineer at Google.

Previously worked as a forward deployed engineer at Palantir Technologies. I was a software engineer at the Romanian Government, where I was technically responsible for, the national open data portal.

Advocated for open source in education at ROSEdu, where I taught and organized projects as a volunteer.

Went to the National Computer Science Olympiad and Acadnet National Computer Engineering Olympiad.

Graduated in Computer Science and Mathematics at University of Bucharest.

Born in Ramnicu-Valcea, Romania, moved to Bucharest for uni and now I live in London.

Participated at InfoEducatie, the most awesome programming camp in the world.

Started working after high-school at uberVU, a social media analytics startup. We got acquired by Hootsuite.

Avid reader. My Pocket statistics said I've read 92 books of articles last year. I also have a list of real ones I enjoyed on Goodreads.

I was a scout and a Leo.

Played football for 5 years and basketball for 7 years. Now I run.

Professional procrastinator and world class sleeper.