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  • Muzicant, om, civilizație

    „Era un avion Swissair, numai cu oameni de afaceri, sobri, cu cravată, toată lumea stătea civilizată, nu făcea gălăgie”, își amintește Speranța. După ce Fluierici a dat tonul, Cacurică a început să cânte cu gura. „Stewardesele au căzut pe spate instantaneu. La vremea aia, românii nu ieșeau din țară decât extrem de puțin și în orice caz nu țăranii, și în orice caz nu țiganii, și în orice caz nu lăutarii. Totul era extravagant, nepotrivit, dar într-un fel îi făcea să pară naivi, spontani, imaginativi și au plăcut pretutindeni unde s-au dus.”


  • Against the Travel Neck Pillow

    It might come as a shock to you to hear someone speak the truth about U-shaped neck pillows so plainly, as this sort of pillow has been allowed to exist unchecked since it was patented in 1929. I understand and will allow you a moment to compose yourself. Have you taken it? Okay. The U-shaped neck pillow is an unsupportive abomination; a pernicious, deceitful, recklessly ubiquitous travel trinket lulling the masses not to sleep but to a zombielike restlessness for which they have been trained to blame themselves, i.e., “I can’t sleep on airplanes.” The U-shaped travel neck pillow is a useless trash pillow for nobody.

    Seriously why do people use them? It’s one of the trends that has caught up and the second you buy it, you regret it. If you are a masochist, then at least go to Wirecutter and get one from their recommended list.

  • The Cranberries' 'Linger' - A Wistful '90s Gem That's Pure Irish Poetry

    That night, in a drizzling rain, a ragtag group of travelers walked from the farmhouse hostel down an old stone road into town. We entered a pub and bellied up to whiskeys and stouts. Everyone was enjoying the “Craic,” Gaelic for “What’s happening?” “What’s good?” Shortly after a band of older men—probably 50 and 60-somethings—stood near the rock fireplace and performed a cover of “Linger” on acoustic guitars, mandolin and violin. Another man stood in front, in his thick sweater and ragged newsboy cap, singing the verses. Then the whole bar joined him for the choruses, as the rain fell outside. “Do you have to let it linger / Do you have to / Do you have to let it linger?” That night on the walk back to the hostel, the clouds broke and the stars shone bright in the Irish mist. O’Riordan’s legacy will not just linger, but live on forever, like the spirit of a Irish patron saint.

    I saw her last year in May in concert. The moment her voice joined together with thousands of other British people signing will remain forever in my mind.

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  • Three about the World Cup

    The Offside from The New York Times is one of the best pieces of journalism. Reading it was a superb companion along with the games. I could recommend the starting opinion, the boys from the banlieues and the piece about Google Translate as a nugget. Watching an England match from a pub in L... »
  • FOSDEM 2018

    Hurray, I’m finally going to Brussels for the Fosdem conference 🎉🚁. I will be not so live blogging when I’m not drinking Belgian beer or eating fries with 5 types of sauce. I’ve prepared myself by reading through the schedule, laughing at engineers who want laugh because Golang does no... »
  • Housekeeping

    I made time this weekend to change stuff again. Since I’ve been procrastinating a lot on writing longer form articles, I’ve added a new section to the blog called links. »

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  • Informatica la Castel (Computer Science at the Castle)

    This week I’m participating in Arad in a summer school called “Informatica la Castel” (Computer Science at the Castle), where the central theme is open source technology and education. I’m live blogging in Romanian on Gazeta de Informatica. »
  • InfoEducație 2015

    Off goes this year’s edition. I wrote more thoughts on Gazeta de Informatică. There were 132 participants with 117 projects in the camp. You can check out the results. We built from scratch a new website in Rails and React this year. We had 17 presentations and workshops for the students. I want ... »
  • Application process for the Community Development Lab

    The Community and Development Lab is a traditional yearly ROSEdu project where we teach students how to start contributing to open source software. This year we had 117 applicants and had to select only 19 of them. To do this, we gave them an algorithms problem to filter 60 potential candidates w... »