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  • România Mare de pe Facebook

    Disclaimer: Grupurile prezentate în acest articol nu sunt singurele care transmit pe Facebook mesaje radicale şi violente. De altfel, intenția acestui text este de a strânge tipuri de discurs pe care le crezuserăm dispărute odată cu ieşirea din Parlament a Partidului România Mare, dar care au generat adevărate nevroze colective în țări din această regiune.

    Una din ideile mele din bucket list e să fac un crawler care să intre pe grupurile de Facebook asemănătoare cu cele prezentate de Press One care să republice cele mai populare articole de acolo. Doar că mi-e frică de ce aș putea descoperi.

  • A Specter Is Haunting Europe’s Recovery: Zombie Companies

    Italian clothing maker and retailer Stefanel SpA became famous for its knitted coats and cardigans. Many economists, investors and bankers know Stefanel as something starkly different: a zombie company. It has posted an annual loss for nine of the last 10 years and restructured its bank debt at least six times, including several grace periods when Stefanel only had to pay interest on what it owed.

    I sometimes hear stories about companies from friends here in London. Some are pretty unbelievable. But they always confirm one of my theories: that most organizations are structured entities that dumb people (or lure already dumb people).

  • Profesoara care n-a stat în banca ei

    Dar n-ar prea vrea să renunțe la luptă: „Copiii trebuie educați și trebuie luminați pentru că și ei vor fi părinți. Și trebuie să fie mai buni decât părinții lor, să aibă altă deschidere, și atunci și copiii lor vor avea altă cale spre fericire și spre puterea de a schimba lucrurile.”


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  • FOSDEM 2018

    Hurray, I’m finally going to Brussels for the Fosdem conference 🎉🚁. I will be not so live blogging when I’m not drinking Belgian beer or eating fries with 5 types of sauce. I’ve prepared myself by reading through the n-gate.com schedule, laughing at engineers who want laugh because Golang does no... »
  • Housekeeping

    I made time this weekend to change stuff again. Since I’ve been procrastinating a lot on writing longer form articles, I’ve added a new section to the blog called links. »
  • Bucharest's Tech Meetup Scene

    After 3 years in Bucharest, I’ll be moving out of it to London. However, I cannot do that without giving a big up to all the tech communities that make the capital of Romania a nice place to learn new and interesting stuff. »

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  • Informatica la Castel (Computer Science at the Castle)

    This week I’m participating in Arad in a summer school called “Informatica la Castel” (Computer Science at the Castle), where the central theme is open source technology and education. I’m live blogging in Romanian on Gazeta de Informatica. »
  • InfoEducație 2015

    Off goes this year’s edition. I wrote more thoughts on Gazeta de Informatică. There were 132 participants with 117 projects in the camp. You can check out the results. We built from scratch a new website in Rails and React this year. We had 17 presentations and workshops for the students. I want ... »
  • Application process for the Community Development Lab

    The Community and Development Lab is a traditional yearly ROSEdu project where we teach students how to start contributing to open source software. This year we had 117 applicants and had to select only 19 of them. To do this, we gave them an algorithms problem to filter 60 potential candidates w... »